Is My Boyfriend Cheating? 21 Signs He’s Cheating

According to  U.S. General Social Survey, 20% of men cheat. But how do you know when your man is cheating on you?  No one wants to discover that they’re being cheated on. But, despite the emotional trauma involved with infidelity, it’s really important that you learn sooner rather than later whether your man is being … Read more

15 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

You believe that girls and boys can be friends, right?  Well, science says that a man takes about 8.2 seconds to fall in love. Considering how short this time span is, what makes you think your male friend hasn’t fallen for you after all this long time you have spent together? Think about it. Sounds weird? Don’t … Read more

How to Find a Fuck Buddy & Keep Them?

Maintaining a regular sex life is not easy, especially if you can’t find a like-minded partner. Or are confused as to how to find someone with who you can have sex with no strings attached. Most people call such an arrangement a friend with benefits situation. Some call it fuck buddies—whatever the label, the meaning … Read more