Sensual Fusion TV

The Sex Muses Show

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright and Eric Garrison are at it again, making the jump from “Sex Muses” radio to Sensual Fusion television in the edutainment clips below. 

This dynamic blonde duo forms the salt and pepper, the “little bit country” and “a little bit rock and roll,” the ying and the yang, and the “you’ve got your chocolate” in “my peanut butter” of a balanced and well-received “sexpert” pairing.

In staying real and informative, while hip and laid back, these sex experts will educate, entertain, and tantalize a little more than your hearts and souls.

Anal Sex

Female Ejaculation

The G Spot

Sex with The Ex

First Time Sex

Dr. Yvonne’s Vlog

Dr. Yvonne Fulbright is the host of her very own webcasts, dishing out expert sexual and relationship advice.

Click on a link below to view.

Body Hair Discharge FWB
Nonsexual Pregnancy Should I be miserable Storytelling
Zocor Breast Size & Exercise Dental Dams
Elderly Sex Stats
Herbal Meds Showing Symptoms Vaginal Congestion Why Men Cheat
Knowledge Vaginismus Enlargement Pills Wife Keeps Leaving

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