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Welcome to “Sex Muses”!

Sex experts Dr. Yvonne Fulbright and Eric Garrison invite you to “come again” – and again - on their internet radio show “Sex Muses.” Exciting more than just the loins, Yvonne and Eric’s “matter of fact” approach to sex education and counseling seeks to stimulate our biggest sex organ – the brain – with frank, edgy advice, wit, and humor.

These two sensible, sensual sexual relationship ambassadors, whose words and wisdom have captivated audiences around the world, have attracted a large fan-base thirsty for sexual knowledge, arousal, and romance.

Driven by listener Q&A, sex tips, headlines, and sometimes special guests, Sex Muses seeks to educate and empower single and coupled adult listeners of all orientations and genders. Going beyond the old and tired “he said/she said” tit for tat, Yvonne and Eric share gender perspectives while setting the record straight.

For the pleasurable, instructive, and orgasm-inducing show of your choice, click below...

Cheating Cheating (14358 KB)

Sex on the First Date Sex on the First Date (13636 KB)

Sexual Compulsions and Addictions Sexual Compulsions and Addictions (17860 KB)

Sexual Jealousy Sexual Jealousy (16768 KB)

Sexual Liberation Sexual Liberation (15530 KB)

Sexual Positions Sexual Positions (7154 KB)

The Vibe - Friend or Foe The Vibe - Friend or Foe (9152 KB)

Sexuality Source Podcasts

Tune into Dr. Yvonne Fulbright’s short’n’sweet segments on a variety of sexuality and relationship topics.

Faking O Podcast Faking O Podcast (8760 KB)

Falling in Love Podcast Falling in Love Podcast (14624 KB)

Make Up Sex Podcast Make Up Sex Podcast (8932 KB)

Newly Single Sex Podcast Newly Single Sex Podcast (13974 KB)

Sexting Podcast Sexting Podcast (14290 KB)

Sugar Babies and Daddies Podcast Sugar Babies and Daddies Podcast (11292 KB)

Sweaty Sex Podcast Sweaty Sex Podcast (6088 KB)

Vampire Sex Podcast Vampire Sex Podcast (10016 KB)

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