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Sexuality in the Media

Discuss the latest sex and relationship headliner and find out what's really going on.
Topics: 4 Posts: 7 08-Nov-2010
by Sensual Fusion

Sex & Relationships Rescue 101

Get expert advice and community support on your most pressing sex and relationship concerns.
Topics: 4 Posts: 6 08-Nov-2010
by Sensual Fusion

Sex Musings

Find out what's keeping others sexually "piqued" these days.
Topics: 3 Posts: 4 08-Nov-2010
by Sensual Fusion

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Eric M. Garrison, MAEd, MSc, DLSHTM, CSC, ACS

Eric began his professional career as a sexuality and relationship educator for the Masters and Johnson Institute, a position he held until one of its co-founders, Dr. Bill Masters, retired in 1994. Currently, as a frequent guest, consultant, trainer, and presenter to universities, hospitals, medical schools, NGOs (including ASOs), STI and family planning clinics, Greek Letter Organizations, and athletic teams on both sides of the Atlantic, Eric delights in speaking to groups. He also serves individuals and couples in one-on-one settings through his counseling practice based in both Boston and Manhattan.

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