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What is Sensual Fusion Sex Coaching?

With a focus on improving or making over your sex life, relationship, and lifestyle, Sensual Fusion sex coaching addresses your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and energy for heightened sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Present-centered, impact-focused, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented, this holistic practice uses a collaborative, cognitive-behavioral approach to better sex and sexual healing.

Based on the teachings of sex coach Dr. Patti Britton, sensual fusion sex coaching was introduced by Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright and Danielle Cavallucci with the site's original launch in 2007. Sessions and homework involve:
  • personalized education;
  • guidance;
  • permission-giving;
  • mental reframing;
  • emotional balancing;
  • behavioral training; and
  • wellness practices, as adapted from the teachings of sex coach Dr. Patti Britton.
Depending on your needs, coaching sessions may include the following in ultimately reaching your full sexual potential:
  • homework assignments,
  • exercises,
  • readings,
  • watching videos,
  • field trips,
  • rituals,
  • breath training,
  • self-examination,
  • pelvic posturing and PC muscle exercises,
  • orgasm-directed coaching,
  • ejaculatory control coaching,
  • holistic wellness activities, and resources
  • and referrals management, amongst other practices.

What Sensual Fusion's Coaching Is NOT...

Therapy, psychotherapy, or talk therapy - we are NOT therapists or counselors, and we do not diagnose or pathologize.

For all issues, including those in your past. Referrals will be made if your situation is not coachable or you have issues that require therapy.

Overstepping the coaches' or clients' boundaries. For those wanting bodywork where coaches put their hands on or inside the client. We offer talk-only services.


Why You Might Need Sex Coaching

People pursue sex coaching for a whole host of reasons, whether to overcome sexual and relationship difficulties, challenges, and issues, have a healthier relationship, or become a better lover.

Reasons Sensual Fusion sex coaching might be for you are:

  • You want to improve your sex life.
  • You want to become more sexually informed, sexually fulfilled, and personally empowered in a safe, healing environment.
  • You want to tackle issues related to a sex-negative culture that are killing your sex life, e.g., fears, pressure, confusion.
  • You're looking to expand your sexual repertoire and/or learn new techniques, explore different approaches, add variety, or spice up your sex life.
  • You want to holistically heal pain due to sexual dilemmas and reclaim your sexual self.
  • You're looking for a way to supplement your therapy.
  • You want to connect more deeply with yourself and your partner.
  • You want to learn how to make sex a holistic, positive experience, celebrating both you and your partner.
  • You long to become more sexually confident and reaffirmed.

Common topics explored or tackled include:

  • Male sexual disorders, e.g., premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction
  • Female sexual disorders, e.g., orgasmic difficulties, lack of desire
  • Multiple orgasms, different types of orgasm, and erogenous zone exploration
  • Overcoming sexual shyness
  • Improved sex communication
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Kink exploration
  • Sexual health and safer sex
  • Parent-child sex communication
  • Sex during pregnancy

Sensual Fusion Clientele

Sensual Fusion sex coaching is for adult singles and couples of all sexual orientations and genders in all types of relationships. 


How Do Sessions Work?

We will first make an assessment as to your needs. Following a review of your sexual history, we will then work with you in determining how your needs and goals can best be met. We will offer solutions in house or within our referral network. As your advocates, we will work with you in creating exercises and experiences to help you reach your goals.

Sessions are designed to fit your needs, with accurate, complete, up-to-date information. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on our schedule, availability and your needs, the frequency of sessions can be adjusted. A typical commitment if 4-8 sessions, though some goals are more easily accomplished in 1 - 3 sessions, while more complex ones may require more time. Situations requiring sex therapy or counseling will be referred.

Services are available via phone or on-line (via Skype or instant messaging), both of which are highly effective means of practice. In-person sessions are currently NOT offered.


Coaching Fees

Coaching sessions are available at a rate of US$120 per 50-minute session for an individual, and US$150 per session for couples. All rates will be pro-rated for longer or shorter sessions. All sessions are good for one year from date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for other Sexuality Source, Inc. products or services.


Forms of Payment

Sensual Fusion's parent company Sexuality Source, Inc. handles billing, and accepts cash, check, and money order. If you send a check or money order, please remember that it must be received and cleared prior to your session.


Missing or Changing an Appointment

Sexuality Source, Inc. has a 24-hour-advance cancellation policy. If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within that time, you will be charged for the session. Should Sexuality Source need to cancel for any reason, your money will be refunded in full.


Hours of Operation

Recognizing that many people work 9-5 during the week and that some clients are based outside of the United States, we strive to meet your hours to the best of its ability. Please let us know your schedule when contacting us for an appointment and we will try our best to accommodate it.


Booking an Appointment

To book a sex coaching session with Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, or another sex coach affiliated with, please submit the form below and we will respond promptly.  Should sex coaching be appropriate for your needs, we will follow up with a suggested time for appointment and payment information. Should you require sex therapy/counseling, a referral will be made.  


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