Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD - Proprietorship

As her own brand, Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright provides qualified expert commentary, accurate information, guidance, education, and enlightenment on human sexuality, sexual health, intimacy and relationships.

Founded on the sex-positive premise that sexuality is a natural, healthy part of our lives, her websites and services strive to affirm one's sexual being and demonstrate how sexuality information is relevant to intrapersonal and interpersonal well-being.

In working with the media, entertainment, education, and publishing industries on community, national, and international levels, Fulbright seeks to create a culturally-sensitive understanding of the societal and individual implications of sexuality matters. In doing so, it aims to ultimately improve the quality of one’s sex life and overall well-being.

Fulbright provides communications and consulting services committed to: 

  • *Providing sexuality, sexual health, intimacy, and relationship commentary and talent for the media and entertainment industries;
  • *Presenting educational workshops, lectures, and seminars on sexuality-related topics
  • *Producing, editing, and reviewing written material for the media and publishing industries; and
  • *Delivering consulting, curriculum writing, and training services to various organizations and businesses.

Whether housed at or, Dr. Yvonne’s endeavors aim to help and inspire individuals to:

  • *Embrace, celebrate and respect their sexuality;
  • *Make informed sexual decisions based on accurate information and reflection of one’s value system;
  • *Feel sexually empowered and confident; and
  • *Communicate effectively about sexuality and relationship topics.

Sexuality education efforts are delivered humanistically and holistically, acknowledging that every individual's and community's circumstances and issues are unique and in need of a personalized approach.



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