Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is available to provide education and information services for the media, entertainment, and publishing industries, as well as universities, organizations and businesses, concerning a wide variety of sexual health, human sexuality, and relationship-related topics. 

Contact Fulbright ( to inquire about the following offerings, and/or for additional information:

  • Interviews, source information, and media appearances, backed by the latest scientific research.
  • Speaking engagements (including conferences and keynotes), seminars, workshops, and university class guest lecturing.
  • Sexuality and relationship consulting and training, including curriculum and lesson plan development, in the areas of education, communication, media, and sociological and cultural "trends" relating to sexuality.
  • Product, marketing/advertising, business, and public relations campaign consulting or representation.
  • Book projects, freelance assignments and editorial review/feedback.
  • Providing education/advice through Internet websites.

Having reached countless individuals and couples worldwide through her work in the mass media, workshops, courses, lectures, seminars, consulting and writings, Dr. Fulbright offers sex coaching, Q&A, and online community offerings at For more information, visit



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